Get a Life

Vivienne Westwood Book “Get a Life”

She’s an iconic fashion designer. But what you may not know, it’s that’s she’s also an activist, an art lover and an earth child. Here at OURS we’ve always been inspired by what Vivienne Westwood creates and stands for.

What must we do to make the world better? Vivienne Westwood says it loudly in the title of this book: Get a life! We must act! Climate change is real. The responsibility is OURS.

Through this book, Vivienne Westwood sets down her unique vision of the world in her diaries. She takes us on this journey along with her, in her own words. She tells how she spends all day working on the collection before the fashion show. And the next day she might be hanging around in the national museum or attending an orchestra concert.

She talks about her personal life. The books she reads, how she cooks vegetarian food and how she enjoys doing yoga.

But mostly she shows her love for the planet.

She says: “What’s good for the planet is good for the economy What’s bad for the planet is bad for the economy”

This book is her statement, her manifesto about her involvement with environment. She is truly an influencer we need to follow in this pursuit for a more sustainable world.

Text and Photos by Shiyin Xu


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