I Love Tights

Photo by Shiyin Xu

I love tights!

Not the black traditional ones. But purple, white, polka dots, sparkling glittered, animal printed ones. I would never say no to a pair of tights as long as they are funny enough.

However, it’s not so easy to find a pair of perfect tights. There are some that if you wear them to dance all night, you would have to tell them goodbye the morning after. Every time I find new clothing brands, I always end up typing tights in the search bar just in case they produced them.

I found Swedish Stockings by a coincidence when they were doing a collaboration with Ganni. When I entered their website I fell in love with their products. Not only they have a colourful collection, but also, a transparent and responsible policy through a sustainable production. If you are someone like me, who has lots of broken tights, you can always send them your stockings for recycling and get back some discount.

As Vivienne Westwood says:” Buy less, Choose well, Make it last.” Every piece of clothing has their own life, even tights! Now I wish them to go along with lots of outfits for a long lasting time.

Text and Photos by Shiyin Xu


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